Indlak Group is composed of several business entities that have over 70 employees in their USA and Indian offices; the group has been in operation since 1983.

Indlak Group, along with its associate companies, is ideally placed for the development of international trade, real estate investment, hospitality, strategic consulting, and joint venture development.  Partner organizations benefit from our extensive experience, political and economic network, marketing capabilities, and overall expertise in the development of Indian business entities. 



To develop multiple profitable ventures through the application of entrepreneurial principles and area expertise, while setting an extraordinary example of transparency, accountability, trust, and social responsibility.


Indlak Capital │ Tech-focused strategic consultancy based outside of New York City, investing in and building accelerated life sciences companies through its ownership in various life sciences ventures

Indlak Exports │ Import/export of energy, minerals, metals, raw foods, and fertilizers.  Active since 2001 and based in New Delhi

SAR Polymers │ Import/export of petrochemicals and PVC, active since 2001 and based in New Delhi

Ehsaas Organic │ A leading producer of organic foods and lifestyle products for an increasingly conscious consumer base in New Delhi

International Financial Consultants │ Strategic and financial consulting to small to medium businesses between Chicago and New Delhi


Rahul Bhansali
Managing Director

Rajeev Bhansali