Indlak Exports
Our New Delhi-based import/export entity focused on commodity trading in energy, minerals, metals, raw foods, and fertilizers.  It has been active since 2001.  Our partnerships have over 20 years of experience working directly with leadership at some of India's largest centers of energy & mineral demand.
RashRaj Spa and Resorts
Our hospitality group is focused on the development of a line of luxury heritage spas and resorts throughout India.  It is currently developing a 36 acre property with a 175,000 sq. foot palace resort and spa in Gujarat, India.

SAR Polymers
Our New Delhi import/export entity focused on petrochemicals and PVC.  In existence since 2001, it distributes throughout the New Delhi area to its base of over 500 small manufacturers.

Bullet Shoes
Our footwear manufacturing company based out of New Delhi is currently developing men's and women's sport shoes and sandals for domestic and international sale.  This rapidly growing project benefits from 38 years of management and sales experience in the business and tremendous growth in domestic and foreign demand.

Shoe SoleShoe
Indlak Capital LLC
Our USA-based arm, headquartered outside of New York City, focuses on facilitating global business opportunities through its established network of strategic partners worldwide.  It helps clients create value through M&A, strategic, operational, and marketing initiatives.

Global Growth
Ehsaas Organic
Our organic health arm that grows and distributes organic foods and manufactures organic lifestyle products.  It delivers to a customer base that is increasingly aware of the physical effects of chemical pesticides, fertilizers, and additives.

Organic Fruits and Vegetables
International Financial Consultants (IFC)
Our strategic and financial consulting company, with offices in Chicago and New Delhi.